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Professional Statement

I am a highly motivated, critical thinker who enjoys finding solutions to design and technical problems. I would like to enter a profession where I can apply my design skills and usability testing knowledge to create highly usable and user-centered designed products, whether they are on-screen interfaces or tangible products. more...

Web Design

Demonstrates skills as a web page designer, including HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Artifacts Include:

Interface Design

Showcases the Student Assistant Tool, an interface design project from a Technical Communication course. The interface was designed to meet the needs of a specific audience and went through several design iterations before completion.

Artifacts Include:

Usability Testing

Includes a description of the usability testing process I experienced while enrolled in a graduate level Usability Testing course.

Artifacts Include:


Includes documentation descriptions and examples of documents that I have created for work and class projects.

Artifacts Include: