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Professional Statement

I am a highly motivated, critical thinker who enjoys finding solutions to design and technical problems. I would like to enter a profession where I can apply my design skills and usability testing knowledge to create highly usable and user-centered designed products, whether they are on-screen interfaces or tangible products.

While in the Technical Communication department, I have focused my studies in the design and human computer interaction fields. From my experiences, both academic and professional, human computer interaction (often referred to as UX design) is the field that I want to pursue in my professional career. While in the TC program, I have learned many design concepts that I have integrated into something I call the Trinity. The Trinity consists of three user-centered design concepts - audience, context, and requirements - that each play an important role in the design process. The Trinity, combined with my knowledge of graphic design and the human perception system, provide a strong foundation for designing products that people enjoy interacting with.

Technical Communication is a diverse discipline that offers creative people with multiple professional outlets. Technical Communicators can specialize in fields that focus on writing user documentation, designing user interfaces, creating document designs, or producing web sites. All of these outlets have a common element - producing content that is highly usable and highly user-centered for its intended audience.

In this portfolio you will find samples of projects along with descriptive annotations. The annotations explain what the purpose of the project was and how I used skills that I learned from TC courses to create the final product.