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Usability Testing

Usability Test Report


I completed a graduate level course focused entirely on learning usability testing concepts and practicing that knowledge by performing a usability test. The purpose of the usability study was to conduct a full-scale pilot usability test and compile a usability report of the findings. I worked in a group with two other people throughout the project. We all worked together to identify critical tasks, build the usability test kit, perform the usability study, and complete the usability report.

This was an incredible experience that required a lot of intense work for planning the test, executing the study, and analyzing the results. There was so much work that went into the entire process that choosing an excerpt would not do it justice; therefore, I am including the entire Usability Report in this artifact.


This report includes all of the work that was put into the study and demonstrates my ability to successfully work with a team through the planning, testing, and reporting phases. The project included:

  • Writing an initial Problem Statement - defines the product, audience, and the scope of the test.
  • Analyzing critical tasks for testing - choosing important tasks for the usability test that is representative of work that the target audience will perform.
  • Identifying the specific audience to test
  • Creating a Usability Test Kit - includes everything needed to run the usability test, like pre and post-test questionnaires, test scripts, and user scenarios.
  • Testing two users from the target audience (two one-hour scripted tests)
  • Recording data during the usability test (video, audio, personal notes)
  • Analyzing results from the data of the usability test
  • Compiling results into a Usability Report
  • Presenting the results and offering recommendations for design improvements